How to become a Barber:

There are a large amount of gentlemen out there that have a dream of becoming a barber and that is why we are here. To help you, step by step, figure out exactly what you need to do to reach your dream. If making men look good and neat is what you enjoy doing and interacting with people all day, everyday is the environment you love working in, then this might just be the career for you.

What is a Barber:

A barber is someone whose career is focused mainly on cutting,grooming,shaving,styling and dressing  men's hair.

How to become a Barber:

1. Shadow a barber: Look in your area for a barber that is willing to let you shadow him for a few days, or how ever long he allows. This will allow you to decide if this is really the career you want to do. If you know for a fact that it is what you want to do, then do this anyway, as it is always best to get a feel for the environment of the workplace and to gain more knowledge on how barbering works.

2. Research Requirements: Search around for what requirements are needed in order to become a barber in your area. There are many places that work on experience in hours, for example, how many hours you have spent cutting hair will come down to the amount of experience you have and their requirements fall under a certain amount of hours. Also, you are required to know the safety and handling instructions in order for your license to be obtained.

3. Research Barber Schools: Do some research on barber schools in the area. The following should be taken into account when doing the research:

- How long have been in business?

- Do they offer any specializations?

- Do they have job placement abilities?

- What facilities do they have?

- Do they offer financial aid?

- Are they fully accredited?

4. Decide on a school: Finally, based on the information mention above, decide on a school that you feel comfortable with.

5. Licensing: You will then need to take and pass the licensing exam.

6. Get a Job: Finally you can now get a job with the help of your barber school, using job placement assistance.

Helpful Tips:

- It is a very good idea to look for barber schools at community colleges as they offer many programs that cost a lot less than that of a barber school. 

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