How to become a Bodyguard

There are schools and organizations that can prepare an individual to becoming a bodyguard but there is no national standard, and bodyguards are becoming more needed each and every single day.

What is a Body Guard:

A Body Guard is someone that protects high profile individuals that are in need of protections, such as celebrities, politicians, presidents, etc.

How to become a Bodyguard:

1. Stay In Shape: Getting into shape is the main part of being a bodyguard, so regular exercise and maintaining your physical well being and health is compulsory.

2. Get your G.E.D: Attending either a college or university for a period of four years and graduating is compulsory when it comes to being a Bodyguard. You will need to complete your G.E.D. This will all allow you into a training program to train as a Bodyguard.

3. Learn To Handle Firearms: Knowing how to handle firearms like an expert is required, so it is advised that any individuals interested in pursuing a career as a bodyguard, take the necessary training that enables them to handle firearms in a professional manner. Training in a self- defense program is also a must.

4. Get a Position: Once you have all of the necessary training and courses, then all you need to do is look for someone who is looking for a bodyguard, or apply at a employment agency. The best way to find job as a bodyguard would be either online or in the yellow pages.



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