How to become a Bookkeeper:

If you are someone that has a great eye for details and enjoy working with numbers, then bookkeeping could be the career choice for you. It may be time consuming but financially, it could possibly be very rewarding.

What is a Bookkeeper:

A Bookkeeper is an individual who records the transactions of a business.

How to become a Bookkeeper:

1. Take Courses: There are a number of courses that you should consider taking, that could benefit your future as a Bookkeeper. The following are the best suggestions:

- Applied Math

- Business Math

- Consumer Math

- Computer Classes

2. Get Your Degree: Prepare yourself further by taking a two-year program in either of the following:

- Accounting

- Business

- Finance

You must obtain your associate degree or certificate with any of the suggested programs. You need to make sure that whatever program you decide to do, has a strong focus on the following topics:

- General Ledger Balancing

- Accounts Payable and Receivable

- Quarterly Tax Preparation

3. Gain Computer Skills: It is very important that you become computer literate due to the fact that almost every business today do their record-keeping on computers, where the majority of them have automated accounting and payroll systems. The more you know how to work with computers and the software, the better it is for you.

4. Get A Job: Go out there and find a bookkeeping position. There are many companies constantly looking for bookkeepers, so with the right qualifications and knowledge needed, it shouldn't be too difficult to land your dream job. 

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