How to become a Border Patrol Agent:

What is a Border Patrol Agent?

A border patrol agent is an individual who defends their country by keeping weapons and terrorists out of their country. Border Patrol agents keep the ports secure and safe for the individuals that should be entering across the border line.

How to become a Border Patrol Agent:

1. Meet the Requirements: Firstly, you will need to make sure that you meet the requirements needed in order to become a border patrol employee. Do some research and find out what the requirements in your state/province are. A valid drivers license and the correct education are two examples of a requirement needed before you are eligible to become a Border Patrol Agent.

2. Get an Education: At entry, a minimum GL5 level is required and you will be rated to determine which level, between GL5 and GL7, it is that you are. An admissions test, an interview and 2 probationary exams, will all need to be passed after 6 months of training and 10 months of training.

3. Get an Internship: Any individuals interested in becoming a border patrol agent, are required to do internship for two years, and they will need to be successful in the internship. On the job education and training is involved and the internship could possibly become permanent if and when you have completed the internship successfully. 

4. Fill Out An Application Form: By visiting the border protection website, you will be able to search for available border patrol positions. There will also be application forms online, you will need to complete the application form and submit it. 

5. Take and Pass the Tests: A drug test, medical exam, eye test (you must have 20.20 vision) and background security check will need to be taken and it is compulsory that you pass it. 

6. Go for an Interview: A personal interview will then need to be done. Good luck!



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