How to become a Bounty Hunter:

If you are someone who is not afraid to be in dangerous situations and would like to help your community bring criminals to justice and get rewarded for it, then Bounty Hunting might be the career choice for you. No matter how rewarding Bounty Hunting can be, is can be a very dangerous job and should not be entered lightly.

What is a Bounty Hunter:

A Bounty Hunter is someone who pursues criminals that have skipped out on bail and gets rewarded for bringing them to justice.

How to become a Bounty Hunter:

1. Do Your Research: In order to be a Bounty Hunter, it is important for you to know as much about all the laws involved in bail investigation in your state/province. Therefore, the first thing you will need to do is go to the nearest public library and read as much as you can about bail law.

2. Get A Mentor: There is no better way of learning something than from someone who has been doing it for most of his/her life, so the next step would be to get yourself a mentor and either take a desk job at their office or just simply spend time with them.

3. Online Courses: There are many online courses related to Bounty Hunting and taking an online course is a very good idea. Through your online course, you will learn about things such as the following:

- Skip Tracing

- Negotiations

- Surveillance

- Fugitive Recovry

- Apprehension

4. Become Licensed: There are a lot of states/provinces that require licensing before starting as a Bounty Hunter. To find out whether or not you need licensing and what requirements you need to meet if you do need licensing, simply research the laws in your state/province.

5. Team Up: There are many Bounty Hunters out there that are actually part of a group who work together from the same office, so you can now find other Bounty Hunters and team up with them, unless you would like to start your own Bounty Hunting business. If you would like to start your own business, it may be slightly more difficult to get the clients you need but it time your client list should grow, depending on how well you are at Bounty Hunting.

6. Let The Hunting Begin: Now it is time for you to take everything that you have learned and start bounty hunting. Remember, Bounty Hunting can be very dangerous, so always be aware and alert.

Helpful Tips:

- Before you pay anybody to teach you about Bounty Hunting, make sure you get testimonials from that persons former students.

- Due to the fact that Bounty Hunting can be a dangerous career, it is so important for you to follow the regulations and laws of your state/province. 

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