How to become a Bus Driver:

If you love driving, would like to transport people where they need to be and can see yourself driving a bus all day, everyday, then becoming a Bus Driver could be for you. Keep reading to find out more.

What is a Bus Driver:

A Bus Driver is someone who transports people, on a bus, to different places daily. These include places such as school, across state borders, shopping and work.

How to become a Bus Driver:

1. Age Requirements: Each state has various age requirements for bus drivers, some require you to be 18 years or older, while others, such as the interstate commerce, requires you to be 21 or older. It is best for you to do research and find out your states laws regarding ages.

2. What Bus Driver: The second step to becoming a Bus Driver is deciding what type of bus it is that you would like to drive. These are the some options you have:

- School Bus Driver

- Across State Borders Bus Driver

- Shopping Bus Driver

- Work Bus Driver

- Interstate (City to City) Bus Driver

3. Pay Attention: One very important aspect that a Bus Driver must have, is attention to detail. Bus Drivers need to pay attention to the following:

- Directions

- Different Routes

- Weather

- Traffic

The above mention could help prevent accidents, as well as getting lost.

4. Get Your CDL License: Before you are allowed to transport people in a bus, you need to obtain your CDL license, but before you are able to obtain your CDL license, you must first be capable of demonstrating safe bus driving tests. You will also be given a written exam that you will have to pass. This exam will test your knowledge of the rules and regulations regarding bus driving. Please remember, test may differ from state to state.

5. Physical Exam: Once you have passed the written examination, you will then be given a physical examination, which you will also need to pass. These involve the testing of the eyes (vision) and ears (hearing).

6. Get A Job: You are now ready to get a job as a Bus Driver. Look through your local newspapers or online to find any available positions. 

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