How to become a Football Coach:

If you love football and you would like to get a career in football, then becoming a football coach is he right career for you. With great experience, you have the opportunity to pass your knowledge of skills down to others. This career path is definitely fun if you love football and it can be very exciting everyday.

What is a football coach?

A football coach is an individual who teaches others on how to play football, the rules of the sport and everything else that is needs to be known, when playing football.

Becoming a football coach:

In order to become a  football coach, you have to watch the game as much as you can, as well as read about everything there is to know about football, even if you think you already know all there is to know about football, you may be wrong, so pick up a magazine / book and start reading. Your main thoughts throughout each and every single day, should be your opponents, your players / team, as well as your games. You need to eat, sleep and breathe football.

You will need to obtain a bachelor's degree in the following:

 - Coaching or physical education
 - Fitness and Nutrition
 - Physiology
 - Sports science and exercise
 -Sports medicine

These degree's will help you in obtaining any level of a coaching career.

Junior high's and high schools are always hiring part - time coaches for their football teams, so go to all the local schools in your area. After you have gained a fair amount of experience in coaching, apply for one of the jobs.

In order to become a professional football coach, years of experience is required, so build your career by using your experience.



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