How to become a Lawyer:

What is a Lawyer:

A lawyer, also known as a (counsel, attorney or solicitor), is an individual who is licensed to practice law.

Becoming a Lawyer:

Becoming a lawyer is a very long process and takes quite a few years. Before an individual is able to even take the test which decides whether or not they can practice law, they will need to attend college for 4 years and law school for 3 years.

A bachelors degree from a university or college is needed. Your school GPA is highly important when it comes to the decision of whether or not you may continue to law school, although your choice of major isn't that important.

The Law school admissions test (LSAT), similar to the SAT or SAT, needs to be taken in order to calculate the individuals potential of performance in law school.
Acceptance into law school is, of course, important and is basically based on your LSAT scores, as well as your college GPA.

Law school takes an estimated 3 years and the exams are basically always essay questions.
Knowing the formulas to writing the essays is extremely important.

The character and fitness evaluation is then taken and if you pass that then you are ready to become a qualified lawyer.



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