How to become a Life Coach:

Many individuals seek a life coach in order to assist them in achieving more, although they may already be successful. If you are a energetic, honest and charismatic individual that wants to help others, then becoming a life coach is definitely for you.

What is a life coach:

A life coach is an someone that encourages and pushes individuals. They help individuals to figure out solutions for  themselves while only listening to them, asking them questions and giving feedback that is 100% honest.

Becoming a Life Coach:

There are many different areas in life coaching, and you as an individual get to choose which area it is that you would prefer coaching in, such as the following:

 - Retirement
 - Spirituality
 - Business
 - Relationships
 - Careers
 - Mid- Life
 - Leadership
 - Environmental Impact
 - Wellness
 - Family
 - Weight Management
 - Self- Awareness
 - Work / Life balance
 - Time Management

Once you have chosen your area that you prefer, then you will need to attend life coaching seminars in order to get a basic idea on the way that life coaching works, as well as how the life coaches interact with their audience.

In order to become a certified life coach, you will then need to sign up for life coaching courses, either at a local college or online.

After completing your courses successfully, then next important step is to become an accredited. This is needed as many  businesses don't hire life coaches that don't have credentials.

Once you have completed all of the above and you have your certificate and credentials, you are then a certified life coach who may just be what every business and client is looking for in a life coach.

This career choice can lead to big success financially and is very rewarding.



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