How to Become a Nutritionist:

What is a nutritionist:

A nutritionist is a person who plans a meal for their patient according to the nutritional, medical and other various needs.

Becoming a nutritionist: (The easy way !)

This requires planning in advance. If you are a high school student interested in becoming a nutritionist, you should complete:
 - Chemistry
 - Biology
 - Communications
 - Health
 - Maths

In order to become a certified nutritionist, you have to have a bachelors degree and a certificate.

At a number of colleges and universities in the USA, there are accredited programs for becoming a certified nutritionist. Attending a higher learning institution for four year is compulsory due to the fact that a bachelors degree is needed. A nutritionist is allowed to have a bachelors degree in; nutrition, foods, chemistry, biochemistry, physiology,
institutional management and microbiology. Classes taken in psychology Business, Computer Science, Statistics, Economics and sociology is advised.

If you are someone who doesn't enjoy science, considering another field is advised as studying to become a nutrition entails a large amount of science. Good communication skills are required, due to the fact that you communicate with patients and health professionals. Nearly all of the work is stored onto a computer, so skills in computers is a must.

These days there is a shortage of health care workers, so getting a job in this industry is a very good choice. The pay for nutritionist are pretty decent.

Remember: Your job is aimed at helping your patients eat healthy as well as live healthier lifestyles and helping them feel better about themselves.




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