How to become a Personal Trainer:

What is a Personal Trainer:

A personal trainer is someone who helps other individuals get and keep fit and healthy, as well as help them reach their  fitness and health goals.

Becoming a Personal Trainer:

In order to become a personal trainer you yourself need to fit and healthy.

If you are a healthy and fit personal, then you need to read books and take classes on exercise physiology, anatomy, nutrition techniques, kinesiology and motivation techniques.

Then you will need to apply to first aid and CPR training courses, due to the fact that most personal trainers need to have CPR training in  order to achieve their certificate. Apply into a fitness college and obtain your certificate

Due to the fact that personal trainers need to protect themselves and their client from injury and property loss, it is required that you get personal liability insurance.

After you have obtained all the requirements mentioned above, you will need to decide what you are going to charge you clients per hour. Depending on how professional the trainer is, they can charge between $25 - $200 per hour.

Once you have all the above mention you will be a qualified personal trainer with all the needed personal training courses and you may be on your way to training a celebrity, who knows!



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