How to become an Investigator:

What is an Investigator?

A private investigator is someone who investigates something. The fields in investigations vary from many things, from businesses to missing persons.

Becoming a Private Investigator:

The first thing you will need to do in order to become a qualified private investigator is apply to a detective school. In a detective school, you will be taught all the skills needed in order to become a investigator, such as the following:

     - Taking samples and evidence
     - Taking fingerprints
     - Using firearms
     - writing reports

Writing skills is very important when wanting to become a qualified private investigator, so the next thing you will have to do is improve your writing skills. You will be required to write professional reports frequently.

Using credit checks and computer searching resources is a huge part of detective work, so you are required to become  sufficient in working with them.

You then need to go to your local detective agency or police department in order to find out which government division handles the applying for a private investigator license.

Once you have received your license you are officially a certified private investigator and you are then on your way to either having your own successful private investigating business or being a big part of an existing  private investigation company.



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