How to become a Radiologist:

What is a Radiologist?

A doctor who interprets and performs diagnostic tests is known as a radiologist. The tests that are done are usually CAT scans, Ultrasounds, X-rays, MRI's, Upper GI tests, nuclear medicine scans and barium enemas.

Becoming a Radiologist:

Training takes about 15 years, due to the fact that a radiologist deals with all areas of medicine, so becoming a radiologist is a lot of work and the study courses are very long and intense.

If you are a high school students and are interested in becoming a Radiologist, then it is advised that you take the following

 - Maths
 - Science

The thing that looks really good on your college application, as well as builds your experience, is to do volunteer work in hospitals.

Take premed courses once you have enrolled into college. In order to qualify for medical school, it is required that your grades for science be excellent. Good verbal and written skills are also required in order to become a qualified radiologist, so take  creative writing classes and communication.

Get into Medical school once you have passed your exams. Once in medical school, you will need to get excellent grades in organic chemistry, chemistry, advanced physics and advanced biology.

Five years of residency must then be completed. In order to become an excellent Radiologist, your hunger for knowledge must  be extremely high, and you must enjoy performing procedures. The basics you will need to know, will be how to diagnose conditions
such as;

 - Broken Bones
 - Internal Bleeding
 - Cancer
 - Pneumonia
 - Torn Ligaments
 - Kidney Stones
 - Gallstones

You will need to work hard and get very good grades in your medical board exams, as well as qualify for a fellowship program which could take up to 3 years. You will be trained to drain abscesses, perform biopsies, treat aneurysms and do angioplasties.

Once this is all complete, you are on your way to becoming a very successful radiologist



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