How to become a Reporter:

How to become a reporter can be an exciting career path that provides the public with valuable information and services. From local to international news, entertainment and events. Here you can find out all you need to know about starting a career as a reporter.

If you are still a high school or college student, then you have an advantage as you have the opportunity to work on the school newspaper which entails you to good experience. The subjects that are most important when it comes to being a reporter would be:

 - English
 - Social Studies
 - Journalism

These subjects can even be on a high school level, as long as you have taken classes in them.

If you are a high school student, then going to college is a great idea, due to the fact that it improves all your chances you may have to becoming a reporter. When going to college you should make sure that you take classes in the following subjects:
 - Public Relations 
 - Journalism

The classes advised, in order to make yourself a better reporter, would be:

 - Political Science
 - Economics
 - Psychology
 - History
 - Advanced Writing
 - Mass Media
 - Sociology
The reason these subjects are advised, is simply because it gives you a different view on various religions, cultures and the history and heritage around the world, which can make any reporter become better at their job.

Earning a degree for Arts in communication or journalism will advance your education, which is also needed. Although it is possible for an individual to become a reporter without a bachelor's degree and only have experience and training on the job, many employers do prefer employing an individual with a bachelor's degree as opposed to an individual without one.

After completing college, finding an internship with a magazine, television station or local newspaper is the best thing to do. Many employers are seeking employees with internships stated on their resumes. A very positive thing about internships is the fact that they have a big chance of landing a permanent job. 



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