How to become an Actor/Actress

Becoming an Actor/Actress requires a lot of patience and passion. Finding work as an actor/actress can be extremely difficult in most cases and requires that passion and patience to get you through. At the end of the day, being a successful actor/actress is one of the most rewarding careers there is.

What is an Actor/Actress:

An Actor/Actress is someone who interprets a dramatic character and works in theater, television or film.

How to become an Actress:

1. Move: One of the most important aspects of becoming an actor/actress is your location. Find a location with ample opportunities.

2. Enroll In A Class: Get enrolled into a good acting class. Thorough research is needed here as it is very important what skills your learn from acting class.

3. Get a Head shot: Get a head shot of yourself. Look online for companies in your area that assist in such things.

4. Build Your Resumé: Gain experience from small productions and theater shows, then create and build up your resumé  Once your resumé has a variety of acting parts, you have more chance of working in one of the major cities, such as New York or Los Angeles, in their theater or film productions.

5. Send It Out:  It is now time to start sending out your resumé, head shots and a cover letter to every local agent and casting director. Update them on any acting you may have done since first sending them your information.

6. Accept Any Invitations: If you receive invitations to industry parties and events, always accept and attend them, as this enables you to meet all the professionals in the industry, and in this business who you know is incredibly important.

Helpful Notes:

- Never take in whatever negativity others may have about acting. A lot of people like to emphasis how it is almost impossible to make it successfully in this business, but let me remind you that almost every single actor/actress out there started exactly where you are, with a dream and a vision to make it happen. You have to fight your way to the top. 

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