How to Become an Air Traffic Controller:

Being an Air traffic controllers is a very important job that manages flight patterns. It requires highly specialized skills, knowledge and abilities. Air Traffic Controllers work at maintaining a safe distance between different planes in flight, as well managing the planes' taking off and landing. This is a very rewarding but challenging career but if this is exactly what you are after, then keep reading to find out how to become an Air Traffic Controller.

What is an Air Traffic Controller?

Air traffic controllers are individuals who operate the systems to control and maintain a safe and orderly flow of air traffic from a control tower. They talk to pilots via radio and inform the pilots as to when and where they can land their planes.

How to become an Air Traffic Controller:

1. Get an Early Entry: Due to the fact that Air Traffic Controller applicants must be under the age of 30 years, it is advised that you enter the field early.

2. Confirm Your Citizenship: In order to be an Air Traffic Controller for the country you live in, you have to be a legal citizen.

3. Get an FAA Education: You will need to study in the field of Air Traffic Controller, at an FAA approved institution. However, if you have or are still going to complete your military training for Air Traffic Control, then graduating from a civilian college is not necessary  in order to be accepted as an FAA applicant.

4. Apply For Work: It is now time for you to apply for a vacancy at the FAA. If the FAA accepts you as a candidate, they will enroll you into the FAA Air Traffic Control Academy. By the time you reach the academy, you will be given the opportunity to choose between either a terminal specialization or an en route specialization.

5. Complete Your Training: You may be placed in an academy that involves on-the-job training, preparation classes, simulator training and certification exams, which you will need to then complete.

6. Get Your Post: Now you are ready to take your post as Air Traffic Controller at any Air Control Tower in any state/province you wish. It is always a good idea to put in a request at an airport that you may be interested at working in, although there is no guarentee that there will be any available positions at that specific time that you have applied. 

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