How to Become an Animal Trainer:

If you have a love for animals, have a lot of patience and would love to work in an environment filled with animals, then this is a great career choice for you. Animal Trainers work in various environments, such as theme parks, wildlife sanctuaries and zoos.

What is an Animal Trainer:

An Animal Trainer is an individual that uses various techniques to train a variety of animals for a specific purpose, for example, security, riding, obedience, performing

How to become an Animal Trainer:

1. Enroll Into College: The first thing you will need to do is enroll into either an animal training school or a community college that offers studying in the necessary fields. This allows you to have hands-on practical training given by professionals. It is very important to choose a school that provides a certificate or diploma on completion of the course.

2. Get a College Degree: You must obtain a degree in any of the following subjects:

- Veterinary Studies

- Zoology

- Biological Science

- Animal Psychology

These subjects are all very beneficial when it comes to becoming an Animal Trainer.

3. Intern with Experts: It is very important to build your knowledge and gain experience by working with professional animal trainers. If you don't want to intern, you also have the option of volunteering at wildlife sanctuaries, animal shelters or farms.

4. Communication Practice: One thing that Animal Trainers do very often is public speaking (speaking in front or crowds/audiences). Therefore, it is highly important that you practice your public speaking and that you are comfortable speaking to crowds/audiences, as this is a crucial part of the job.

5. Keep Up To Date: In order for you to answer any question you are asked, it is important to keep up to date with all information involving animals.

6. Job Inquiry: You are now ready to contact the animal facility that you are interested in working for/with and inquiry about any vacancies they may have available and the requirements needed. There are a large amount of animal facilities that require animal trainers to have a specific amount of experience and/or education.

7. Send Your Resume: Keep your eyes open for any available positions for Animal Trainers. Look online and through newspapers. Send your resume, along with your references, to the places looking to fill the position of an Animal Trainer. 

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