How to become an Astronaut:

Every little boy, at some point, dreams of becoming an Astronaut. If you were one of those little boys and are now much older and still dreaming it, then we are here to help you make your dream come to. Although it is extremely difficult to become an Astronaut and NASA only selects a few highly skilled applicants to enter the program, it is not impossible. So if this is still your dream, then read the steps on how to become an Astronaut.

What is an Astronaut:

An Astronaut is a person that is trained to travel in a spacecraft up into space.

How to become an Astronaut:

1. Height Requirements: There are certain high requirements involved with becoming an Astronaut. To be a pilot, it is required that you are between 5 ft 4 inches (164.59 cm) and 6 ft and 4 inches (195.07 cm). To be a mission specialist, it is required that you are between  4 ft 11 inches (125.27 cm) and 6 ft 4 inches (195.07 cm). It is also very important and required that you have excellent stamina and are in top physical condition.

2. Maintain Excellent Academics: When it comes to your academics, it is very important for you to maintain an excellent record in the undergraduate and graduate studies. There are actually a large amount of astronauts that have doctoral degrees.

3. Pick a Scientific Field: You now need to decide on a scientific field for your bachelor's degree that you are able to use if you end up becoming an Astronaut. The following are a few options that you can choose from:

- Physics

- Biology

- Maths

- Aerospace Engineering

- Medicine

4. Work Experience: Before you are able to apply as a mission specialist, it is required for you to have at least three years work experience in your specific field. If they choose a substitution, the substitute will need to have a two-year graduates degree, as well as one year experience.

5. Get 1000 Hours: You will need to have a minimum of at least 1000 hours of 'pilot in command' time in a jet aircraft. It is preferred that you have it with flight-test experience if you are looking to be a mission pilot.

6. Apply: For US citizens, you are now required to send for an application package by writing to the following physical address or calling the following number:

- Astronaut Selection Office, Mail Code AHX, Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas, 77058

- (281) 483-5907.

7. Pass NASA Physical: You will be given a very strict physical examination by NASA, this is considered a basic qualification.

8. Keep in Mind: For US citizens, keep in mind that if you are accepted as a candidate, you are then committing yourself to training in Houston for one to two years. This training will be highly intense and will often be done in low-gravity conditions and also includes on land and sea survival training, as well as scuba diving. Remember that this is all done without a guarantee that you will ever even go into space.

9. Prepare Yourself: If you pass the training period and are accepted as an Astronaut, you will need to be prepared to stay with NASA for a minimum of five years.

Helpful Tips:

- It is important for you to know that you are not allowed to be claustrophobic. If you are, you shouldn't even apply to be an astronaut.

- You HAVE to be a team player. 

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