How to become an Astronomer:

If you are willing to gain expert knowledge in maths, physics and computer science and have a passion for the universe and everything in it, then becoming an Astronomer might just be the best career choice for you.

What is an Astronomer:

Astronomers are scientists who study the universe and the objects within the universe. They study the nature of the planets, stars and galaxy.

How to become an Astronomer:

1. Get to Know It: Become familiar with the field of Astronomy. Do research on everything Astronomy and get to know all you can about it.

2. Take These Courses: While you are still in high school, it is suggested that you take the following courses:

- Physics

- Pre-Calculus

- Chemistry

3. Find a College: Do some research on colleges that offer the best courses in the field and apply to them.

4. Maintain B Average: The minimum grade accepted by the Astronomy department of grad schools is a B average. Therefore, once you are in college, it is necessary for you to maintain at least a B average in either an astronomy or a physics major.

5. Find a Grad School: You now need to do some research on grad schools that offer the best and most advanced degrees in Astronomy. 

6. Chat with Your Guidance Counselor: You are advised to ask your college guidance counselor, in good advance of your senior year, to double check and make sure that you have chosen all the courses needed for the admittance to an astronomy program.

7. Expect Work: Regardless of the type of work or the pay, you need to understand that you may be expected to work alongside your professors on their own projects. Th recommendations given to you by your professors are necessary and very important when it comes to your future jobs.

Helpful Tips:

- As an Astronomer  it is important that you have excellent writing skills as it will be required of you to write a number of articles after you have received your PhD.

- Prepare yourself for long work hours during night times.

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