How to become an Audiologist:

What is an Audiologist:

An Audiologist is a health-care professional that diagnoses, evaluates and manages hearing loss and disorders in people

How to become an Audiologist:

1. Find A School: Do some research and find schools that offer programs with a bachelors degree in communication science/disorders.

2. Maintain B Average: In order to be accepted by a grad school, you are required to maintain at least a B average.

3. Send and Check: You now need to send for catalogs from your chosen school and make sure whether or not they require a GRE (Graduate Records Examination) to be taken for admission.

4. Become Familiar with (For US Citizens): It is very important for you to familiarize yourself with all the divisions of the website. This website discusses all the requirements needed for the receiving of the CCC (ASHA's Certificates of Clinical Competence) and also gives you information regarding the steps that need to be taken so that a smooth entry into an Audiology program to occur.

5. Prepare for 375 hours: Before you can take the national exam for your certificate, you will need to prepare yourself for, more or less, 375 hours of clinical experience which will be supervised, during grad school. You will also need to gain nine months of post-grad experience.

Helpful Tips:

- Be patient regarding patients with either slower no progress. Never take anything personally.

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