How to become a travel agent:

Due to the fact that more and more people are traveling for business and pleasure purposes, the need for experienced travel agents is rising. If you are in it for the pay, then this job is not for you, simply because the pay is not that good, but the upside of it is that you get to travel around the world on discount.

Large travel agencies may need an agent that has a degree in liberal arts or business, so if you are interested in going far as a travel agent, then you may need to look at getting either one of those degrees. Another qualification that is needed is being fluent in a second language. If you travel and have passengers from a certain country, then you will be required to speak to then in their preferred language, although this is specifically for international travel agents.

Going to a community college to take a 6 - 12 week travel agent course is a smart idea as it teaches you the basics of being a travel agent. Keep in mind that travel agents control most of their business through computers, so being computer literate is a big positive. 



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